Showplace Wood Products

In just a very few years, Showplace has gone from a standing start to being a major national brand.  That's because a whole lot of customers like Showplace mix of product, flexibility and price.


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Mouser Custom Cabinetry

Since its emergence from humble beginnings in New Haven, Kentucky, in 1955, Mouser Custom Cabinetry has provided the highest quality custom cabinetry for over 50 years. Today, located in central Kentucky, Mouser Custom Cabinetry is marketed throughout the eastern two thirds of the United States through an expanding network of authorized displaying Dealers.


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Craftmaid Handmade Cabinetry

Since 1972, Craft-Maid’s philosophy has been to be innovators by introducing styles that are cutting edge in the kitchen industry. Ever since the Colonial styles of the 70’s, our designers and skilled cabinetmakers have proven to be versatile.


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